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What Does Your Stomach Look like after a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck Beverly Hills – also called abdominoplasty – removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles to create a smooth, taut belly. After pregnancy and weight loss, this is a popular procedure to give the body a younger, slimmer contour.

This cosmetic procedure is essential for many pregnant women and cannot eliminate loose belly skin with diet and exercise alone.  In fact, diet and exercise may make one’s belly issue more pronounced as you lose weight in other areas but not the abdomen.

Abdominoplasty is also desirable for men and women who have had significant weight loss and have sagging skin in the abdomen. Liposuction Beverly Hills  can be done at the same time to remove fat, too.

Those considering this procedure may want to consider the important information below, including how the belly will look after a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Procedure Overview

Below are the most common types of tummy tucks:

Mini Tummy Tuck

Are you concerned with how your belly looks below the navel? Then you might need a mini tummy tuck. The procedure involves one incision that is made just above the pubic area where the surgeon removes extra skin and tightens the abdominal muscles.

The scar from a mini tummy tuck is a thin line usually only four or five inches long under the navel. The mini tummy tuck is an excellent option to slim the lower belly because it has a faster recovery.

Full Tummy Tuck

On the other hand, a full tummy tuck may be needed if extra fat and skin are above and below the navel. This procedure works well by removing tissue from the entire abdominal wall and tightening the muscles.

The scar from a full tummy tuck is like the smaller procedure, just longer. The underwear or bikini line can usually conceal the incision.

A full tummy tuck gives the entire abdomen a flatter and smoother appearance and eliminates stretch marks.

Extended Tummy Tuck

If you lost a large amount of weight and excess skin hanging from the entire front of the lower body, you could need an extended tummy tuck. This more invasive procedure also may be required if you have stretched abdomen muscles from more than one pregnancy.

The incision for an extended tummy tuck is longer, but the underwear or bikini can also hide it.

Your plastic surgeon will check your anatomy during the consultation and tell you which procedure may be best for your needs and goals.

Going Back To Work After Tummy Tuck

When you can return to work depends on how your body reacts to the surgery and the type of work. However, most office workers can go back to their jobs within two or three weeks.

Patients with more physical jobs involving lifting and straining may need four to six weeks to rest.

Most of the time, people who can work from home can often have the procedure done, and few know they had it done.

Taking Care Of Children After Tummy Tuck

As noted earlier, this procedure is popular for women who have been pregnant. However, if you have it when you still have small children, it’s essential to have help at home for at least one or two weeks.

You will be bent over for several weeks and unable to lift anything more than 10 pounds, so help with the kids is essential.

Plan for this issue before the surgery, so you have help at home during this critical time.

If the kids are older, you can probably handle cooking, driving, and shopping after two or three weeks. But you cannot drive as long as you take prescription pain medication. Once you only need over-the-counter drugs, you can drive again.

The recovery is extensive, so please consider having other procedures to save time and money, such as breast augmentation Beverly Hills or a Brazilian butt lift Beverly Hills.

How You’ll Look After A Tummy Tuck

Most tummy tucks are done outpatient, and you can go home a few hours after surgery. However, patients having an extended tummy tuck may need to stay overnight.

It’s essential to know how you will look immediately after a tummy tuck. The abdomen will probably be covered in bandages for a few days. You also will be quite sore and swollen for at least one or two weeks.

After the bandages are removed, there will be a lot of swelling, and the incision will be noticeable. After the stitches are removed after a few weeks, the scar will fade over a year. But it will usually be covered by clothing or a bathing suit.

It will take several months for all the swelling and bruising to fade, so you won’t see the final results for some time. Therefore, it’s essential to be patient and wait for the body to heal.

After most of the swelling fades in two or three months, you should begin to see a smoother, tighter belly. Note that it can take up to a year for the ultimate results.

The good news is your abdomen will look much tighter and smoother after the full recovery process.

Maintaining Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy tuck benefits should last many years; extra skin and fat will be removed from the abdomen, and the stomach muscles will be tighter.

However, getting pregnant or gaining weight will affect the results, so it’s best to avoid these things after having a tummy tuck. If you still need to lose weight or want more children, wait a bit before having the procedure.

A tummy tuck is the best way to get a smoother, firmer tummy after pregnancy or weight loss, so speak to your surgeon about this procedure soon.

Request A Tummy Tuck Consultation

Thinking about a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills? Dr. Nicholas Lahar is pleased to provide plastic surgery procedures to his Beverly Hills patients. He will discuss your aesthetic goals during your consultation and help you decide if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.


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